Introducing solid foods when there are 2 or more babies!

Starting solid foods is a phase that can be daunting for any parent because it involves so many things and many doubts usually arise. Even more when there are 2 or more babies involved.

According to the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), infants may be ready for solid foods at 4 months. However, there are several guidelines to check in order to evaluate whether the babies are ready or not. Remember that each baby´s readiness depends on his own rate of development (read full article here).

Additionally, you should take into account that even though your babies were born on the same day (some might even be identical), they will have many differences throughout their life and the right time to start solid foods might be one of them. Most of them might be premature, which also affects the time for some milestones. Continue reading


Weight gain, diet and nutrition in Multiples Pregnancy

To be honest, I had never paid much attention to weight gain and nutrition. I just ate what I wanted and wasn´t much concerned about the quantities. Probably because my Asian genes and my active exercise routine (I used to swim at a competitive level) allowed me to be so care free.

Then my metabolism started to change with age, I was consumed by work and lead a sedentary life and then the fertility treatments kicked in.

One of the fertility treatments I went under used to raise my blood sugar levels, making me have a closer look at my diet and exercise routine.

Thanks to that, I discovered and learnt how sugar absorption, diet and exercise relate to each other; which helped me during my twin pregnancy.

Weight gain, diet and nutrition are some of the most important parameters through multiples pregnancy, directly affecting babies growth rate. Continue reading

Photographic Ideas to remember your pregnancy progress

The pregnancy period is such a short time where so many changes take place, that especial care has to be taken in order to preserve all the details we would like to remember and share in the future.

Details that we think we will never forget may begin to seem a little blurry with time, it might be all the hormones that we have in our bodies during that time or the ever so long to-do-list we want to finish before the babies’ arrival. Continue reading